Back to Asheville

by Joel Ragan

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released May 28, 2015

Joel Ragan - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Peyton Walker - Cello, Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Stuart Johnson
Mastered by Anderson Ragan



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Joel Ragan Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Red Wine
Red wine
spilled on dirty clothes
for the washer
They sit in a pile
Haven't been touched in weeks

Clear drops
Water drips on the dishes
That sit in the sink
Haven't been touched
Haven't been cleaned in weeks

I think some cloud
Has been following me home
Sun don't shine
Where flowers do not grow
Living like this
I get lost inside the drone

Red eyes
Staring out the window
Get lost in your head
Eyes on the rain
Hoping to find a way
Track Name: That One About Growing Up
I'm getting tired of growing up
At least that's what I've learned
I really knew that I'd grown up
When I saw who my actions did hurt

The saddest part of growing up
Is how our lives separate
While once held in your arms
I now watch as they age away

I dragged myself into this desert
Now the sand's covered up my eyes
And I need you to drag me out
Track Name: Keys & Pennies
All we are is pennies
Staring at the sun
We only see one picture
We never see each other

All we are is circles
Running out of time
We put hope in what's broken
Leaving others behind

All we are is voices
In an empty room
All we have to open
Is the door and let them in

Try to find the key
That fits in the lock
You open up your mind only to find
That nothing's really there
To help you get inside
Or let them find you there

I'm drowning away
Somebody come open up my door
Track Name: What Do I Feel, Dad?
What do I feel Dad?
I thought a light went off inside me
And all that I could see
Were fears that came out of hiding
I think they're gone for now
But where did they run off to?
And how am I going to keep them away?

I've got some problems
And I wish someone would fix me
But I know that I won't learn anything from that
So I'm going to trust you
And maybe a feeling I've got inside me
But I hope in time I won't have much regret